Wood Building Maintenance

Your garden shed can remain a beautiful, inviting place for years – but only if you follow our maintenance guidelines! It’s easy to do and helps make sure your construction project will last. Plus, it keeps our warranty valid.

Proper Treatment

Give your cabin the extra dose of protection it needs! Putting on a second coat of preservative is key to keeping your newly-installed cabin looking fresh and ensuring its warranty coverage. Regular maintenance every 5 years keeps wood surfaces – think inner walls, outer walls, floorboards etc. – in tip-top shape, which will make sure you can keep enjoying all that comfort for much longer!

Avoid rain days when sprucing up the exterior of your home for an enviable finished look! Paint and preservative should only be used on dry weather days to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.


Storm Braces

Preparation is key! So don’t get caught off guard – ensure your storm wall stays strong and secure with our nifty steel braces. Just insert them into the frame, fasten them on a washer and nut from above, tightening it all together snugly. To make sure you’re always prepared when bad weather hits, be sure to do regular inspections every two months within the first year and once every four years afterwards.

When a nut has been stuck by rust, use your trusty spanner to give it an extra push – but take care not to go overboard.

Allowing The Wood To Settle

When building a wall of logs, don’t be tempted to use screws or other fastenings! Instead, opt for the tongue-and-groove milled log design. Not only does it ensure your structure stands up strong and fortified over time – but you won’t have any insulation issues either! Make sure there’s enough room between each layer – about 2,7 inches due to temperature fluctuations – using floating lathes ensures this is taken care of.

Don’t be alarmed when you see cracks or knots – these special features are part and parcel with wood’s natural beauty! You can have peace of mind knowing they won’t detract from the product’s quality.

With no heating or insulation, a garden shed can be a challenge! Regularly check your floorboards to avoid gaps – it’ll make the process more enjoyable and save you time in future adjustments.

Doors And Windows

All of our doors and windows are built to last, but if you’re expecting extreme conditions – like torrential downpours or icy storms – make sure your model comes with weatherproof rubber seals. That way you can rest assured that no leaks will disrupt your home!

Keep your home safe and sound! Installing silicone or rubber seals behind the architraves of doors & windows is an easy, effective way to keep water damage, drafts, and pests at bay. It’s a simple step that goes a long way in protecting your home for years to come.

With our products, sealing up your home has never been easier! Our doors and windows come with protective rubber seals that guarantee a snug, secure fit – all without any extra effort on your part. Rest assured, knowing you’re safe in your garden shed.

Adjusting The Doors And Windows

Keep your doors and windows in optimum condition! Over time, wood frames may start to settle – adjusting these components is key for them to continue to work as intended.

When installing your product it’s important to leave some extra space for door and window openings – allowing the wood room for settling! During the first two years, we advise against using expanding foam or other insulation materials to fill any gaps. With time, you will be happy that you followed those guidelines!


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