We offer convenient self-pickup options at our location, allowing you to save on shipping costs. If you need delivery, simply send us a quote request and our team will provide you with a personalized transport offer.

It’s worth noting that some companies include transportation costs in their product prices, while we do not. Depending on the product, transport costs can make up a significant portion of the total, sometimes as much as 2/3 of the price. We believe in offering our customers transparency and flexibility, which is why we give you the option to choose the best delivery solution for your needs and low cost on your purchase.

Fast Shipping

We offer “Fast Delivery” for in-stock products, which will reach mainland US customers within 10-20 days. Non-stock products will be shipped within 60-90 days. Custom projects may take longer based on the project’s scope.

Shipping to Hard-to-Reach Places

If you need a delivery to a hard-to-reach location, please inform us beforehand.

Please note that specialist delivery may require an additional fee, which can be quoted upon request. Our regular delivery vehicles may not be able to access certain locations due to road restrictions, so we offer specialist delivery to those areas. Our trucks are 8.2’ wide, 32.8’ long, and 8.2’ high and need an extra 3.28’ clearance on either side for stabilization during unloading. If you are unsure about whether your location is accessible, please contact us in advance to avoid any issues.

Reliable Transport

We at are committed to delivering your wooden shed, log cabin, garage, or carport in a safe and professional manner. We will contact you to schedule a delivery date that works best for you.

Weatherproof packaging – flat pack cabins

Our timber products are stored and transported in the form of a flat pack. This means that they are secure, sealed, and weatherproof. The flat pack includes everything from construction materials, doors, and windows, to fixings. We will also include all of your additionally-ordered products in the flat pack or as a separate sealed package.

Flat pack packaging enables us to transport and store timber products safely and conveniently.

Please let us know if you require specialist delivery to a location that is hard to reach. If you fail to provide such information then the next best option is to unload your new product at the nearest main road boundary.

Specialist delivery requires an extra charge which we can quote if you contact us and provide the necessary details.

Specialist delivery is required to reach locations that our normal delivery vehicles cannot access due to road restrictions or other reasons.

Other conditions keeps the right to charge extra fees for deliveries in case of high shipping cost.

Please ensure that you provide accurate contact information for the responsible person who will receive and return any written or verbal correspondence. It’s essential that this person be available to establish a delivery time and have the necessary equipment to support the delivery. Due to COVID-19 and shipping disruptions, delivery times may vary, but delays due to transportation issues cannot be a reason for order cancellation.

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